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About Team Pure Results

We are a team of Benchbody Coaches from all over the U.S.A. and Canada. We help families live better lives by creating lasting results in their fitness and nutrition. We are focused on helping people be balanced, strong and full of life! It’s about the lifestyle. Creating freedom to live life with confidence and energy. Also creating a life of financial freedom to be able to focus on our priorities


Shannon Golladay

I am a Public Relations Professional helping fitness lovers create a successful business online. I have a Bachelor’s degree in public relations, and I worked for 8 years in the corporate world. I loved my career and wanted to find a way to have more freedom of time to be able to stay home with our kids and make a bigger impact. Team Pure Results was founded in December 2011 to help families create a better life.

Angie Peterson

I’m a former viola player with a successful background in music. I attended a university to study music to become a music teacher. Unfortunately, this dream was shattered when my wrists were calcified together from my Lupus and Arthritis. I joke that I was “scared of the couch” to exercise so that all of my joints wouldn’t be this way. I lost over 50 lbs. and now I’m pursing a new dream to help other moms like me be able to do the things they love.

Wake up and work out.

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We run fitness challenges every month online. We work with people in U.S.A and Canada.


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