Please help me Congratulate our Fit Coach of the Week, Alisa Bliss.

Alisa is an aunt, a daughter, a friend, an athlete, a coach and a fitness trainer. She was born and raised in Utah. She loves sports, baking, coaching people in sports, playing sports and have a passion to serve others. You are awesome Alisa and Congratulations! 💐👏🏼💕💪🏼 Go here to follow her journey:

Here is her story:

When I first joined beachbody it was Jan 1st 2016. I started doing beachbody because it gave me support, friends, a opportunity to serve others and most importantly to keep me in shape and healthy. This journey has had it’s ups and downs. however it has been one of the best things that has happened to me and I’m so thankful to be apart of beachbody. Since 2012 I have lost my dad and sister with in six months. as you can imagine that’s a big hole in my life that was now missing. I made sure I played lots of softball to keep my mind occupied off of the losses in my life. Then i found beachbody. in the last 2 yrs my weight has fluctuated. however i am able to maintain my weight and most importantly I’m eating right. My goal this year is to get really tone. Best part about being involved in beachbody is you get to keep setting new goals. How awesome is that? Beachbody has given me the opportunity to serve others. To help me stay confident in the things I love to do and has given me purpose. I am not someone who has ever been way over weight. However eating healthy has been an issue for me at times in the past and having the support from my friends with beachbody has kept be accountable and I have been keeping the accountable as well. I love surrounding myself with uplifting people who know how to overcome their trials through being optimistic.