Help me Congratulate our Fit Coach of the Week, Jill Anderson Johnson.

Jill is a mom of 1 little girl. Her daughter is a competitive dancer so she considers herself that crazy dance mom. She currently work as an accounting clerk for a dental software company and she likes to explore new areas on her free time. The reason she started on this journey is to be a better healthier person inside and out for her 6 year old daughter. You are awesome Jill and Congratulations!👏🏼💐🎉 Go Here to follow her journey:

Here is her story:

As I contemplated my story about why I wanted to a Beachbody Coach, I didn’t know where to start but then I remember I had wrote a story after my first Beachbody challenge earlier in this blog and also as follows:
“My Beachbody story started in October of 2015 when I joined a challenge Lean to Halloween which was sponsored by a good friend. At first I was apprehensive of doing everything required for the challenge, I was ok with the eating healthy and exercise parts just not the Shakeology part. I don’t like the thought of drinking my meals and joining just another weight loss fade or scheme was my reasoning. After a week into the challenge I decided what the heck I will try this Shakeology thing just for the month, if I don’t like it I can always discontinue using it after the challenge, right?
Well the challenge ended November 2, I didn’t take after pics then just weight and measurements after my 21 days because I was like I didn’t lose much so why take the pictures, waste of my time! I also didn’t compare measurements until today! Oh my!!! Shocked at my discovery… I have lost 7.8 pounds, 1 1/2 inches on my waist, 1 1/4 inches on my hips, and 1/4 on my thighs…WOW!
So for my WHY…
The reason I started on this journey to be a better healthier person is for my 6 year old daughter. She needs a mom to be there and to help her learn to be healthy. Besides I need to be there for all of her activities and to just be there to watch her grow.

I also do this for myself. I want to feel confident again. Be healthy. When I started I was the heaviest I have ever been even heavier than when I was 9 months pregnant, not ok with me!”

After that challenge I continued on my path with Beachbody and tried being a coach for a while but just did not have the time or motivation. I had lost my motivation due to the fact that I was experiencing some medical issues.

On October 3, 2016 I was finally had a diagnosis, Fibromyalgia and Bursitis. After finally having a reason, per say, I can finally move on and be a fighter! After reading my previous story I remember why I am passionate about Beachbody. Also, I know now that I need to be an active Beachbody coach to help people be a healthier person.

So I can only hope for you to join me on this journey with me to become healthier person inside and out.