Please help me Congratulate our Fit Coach of the Week, Lindsley Hose from Colorado.

Lindsley is originally from Hawaii but lived in Colorado for 14 years now. She’s an Oral Surgeon’s assistant at CU School of Dental Medicine. Lindsley describes herself as an avid cook and a very amateur photographer that loves to take pictures of the outdoors and food.  On her free time she loves working out, enjoys hiking 14ers in Colorado with her family and being outdoors. You are Awesome Lindsley and Congratulations! Go here to follow her journey: Facebook – and Instagram –

Here is her story:

My journey started 4 years ago this coming March. I was in a bad place. I was depressed, in a unhealthy relationship, extremely overweight, and always sick. The final straw for me was in a 6 month period I had whooping cough, the flu, pneumonia, and I developed plantar fasciitis in my right heel. My son asked me to go to the doctor so they could fix what was wrong he was scared that I was always sick. My doctor matter of factly said ” Lindsley if you lose weight and eat healthy you will feel like a new person ” It was so simple. So I made a promise to myself on my birthday in March that I would change my life. I decided to start loving and investing in myself. I would lose weight and live the healthiest best life I could. Since then I’ve  changed my diet I’ve lost 87lbs in 4 years. I’ve run countless running races. I run I Spartan races. I’ve built muscles I didn’t even know existed in my body. I learned that health and fitness was the best self love I could give myself.

I decided to be a coach is because I’ve been passionate for helping others find health and fitness for awhile now. I remember when I first started trying to lose weight I tried a bunch of different workouts and when I found Turbo Jam it was my aha moment with exercise. I realized it could be fun.  Being a coach gives me the ability to build a business around helping others find their best self through exercise and movement.