Help me congratulate our Fit Coach of the Week, Nicole MacPherson.
Nicole is a single mom and a nurse from upstate New York. She lost 45 pounds in three months using Beachbody workouts and meal plans. She feels great! Nicole got her confidence back and realized with hard work and determination she can do anything. She loves spending time with her kids, working out, going to Six Flags, being outside and by water. Congratulations Nicole! You are awesome! 👏🏼🎉💐 Go here to follow her journey:
Here is her story:
I’m a single mom and a nurse. I’ve been overweight my whole life. Fighting the battle..not really knowing how to eat and not thinking exercise is that important. At one point I was 300 pounds. Three months ago I was at 269. I was depressed, embarrassed and buying bigger and bigger clothes. I wasn’t doing the things I enjoyed because I was embarrassed and I could fit in things like rides at amusement parks. One day I just had enough. I started walking and trying to eat better. Eating was tough. Little by little I learned how bad some things were. I joined a gym started going I would cry after. I started losing weight so I kept it up.
I looked into Beachbody because going to the gym was hard with my son. I had no one to watch him. I felt like everything was going wrong in my life. I met Shannon who encourages me and keeps me going. I fell in love with the Beachbody workouts. I can do them at home with my son. They are harder than I thought they would be, and they work. I haven’t been really going to the gym but these workouts help.
Now three months later I am down 45 pounds, and I feel great! I am still working to my goal, but as I lost more and got my confidence back, I realized with hard work and determination I can do anything. I haven’t needed depression meds any more…i don’t spend my days in bed like I did. I do things with my kids, and I got in rides! I am buying smaller clothes now!
My whole life is changing…I feel like this big step made me realize if I go after what I want I can accomplish anything. More and more things go right because I use that same determination that has been taking the weight off in life. I was in a very bad place and felt hopeless. Now I feel wonderful. I have a way to go in life and a ways to go on weight loss, but things are looking up. Being thin isn’t the cure bit having the discipline and determination needed to lose the weight is what is needed for life and to live a healthy happy life.