Congratulations to our Fit Coach of the Week, Jonny Gunz from UK.
Jonny is a 32 yrs. old Police Officer, a husband to a beautiful wife, father of 3 wonderful boys and a devout Christian. He is also a qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer. His dedication in making a difference helped numerous clients with their health and fitness goals. Congratulations Jonny! You are amazing!🎉💪🏼👏🏼 Go follow his journey here:
Here is his story:
I am a Police Officer, and have been for 13 years. After joining at 19, and being pretty fit, I struggled to adapt to the change to eating and sleeping patterns and put on 2 1/2 stone (35lb). When I jumped on the scales and it said 16 stone that was my light bulb moment to start thinking about my health and fitness once more.
So I refocused my training habits and rather than throw weights around I looked at improving my cardio….alien territory for me and something I never enjoyed. Shortly after I struck Gold…..I found INSANITY!
I incorporated INSANITY into my training routine, along with some Beach weights, and over the next 2 years lost 2 stone and got into the best shape, physically and mentally, that I had ever been in.
4 years ago my wife and I were searching for a way to allow her to stay at home with the children. Overtime was nonexistent at the time but again I was blessed to have another opportunity presented from Beachbody as INSANITY Live opened in the UK.
I had always wanted to be a Fitness Instructor so jumped in without hesitation. I already had a testimony of how the program worked and made a difference in my life…..I wanted to be a part of that impact in others lives too.
I am now a Qualified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer and love helping people with their health and fitness goals.
As I am still a Police Officer full time I have struggled to meet the demand of my clients. I have been frustrated for some time trying my best to help as many people as possible with limited available time around family, church and work.
Like a knight in shining armour along came Beachbody to the rescue once again as Coaching opened in the UK at last!
After 3 weeks I have become a Emerald Coach, helped numerous clients who have been waiting for me to become available and made new friendships with those from across the pond who are like minded, positive and dedicated to making a difference.
I am hooked.